Science Academique is an international Peer reviewed scientific journal that issues two times a year. We aim to share latest research findings, insights and discoveries in the field of Science and Medicine. SA contributes to scientific literature and our multidisciplinary scope is to bring science based research in one place. Founded in 2020, Science Academique board consists of finest experts in different academic disciplines from all over the world.

Latest release: Issue 2: Volume 4

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Target Fields

Science Academique is open to publish in the fields of natural sciences such as chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth sciences, engineering, biology, agricultural sciences, medicine, pharmacy, health sciences and social sciences.

Publication Categories & Peer Review Policy

Science Academique publishes Original articles, Case reports, Technical notes, Reviews, Commentary, Editorials, Letter to Editor. As the practice of peer review is to determine the validity, significance and originality of the study. Science academique is keen on providing trusted form of scientific communication. SA follows double anonymized review, where reviewer doesn’t know the identity of the author & vice-versa. SA’s peer review would take minimum of 18-23 days.