Science Academique is focused to facilitate and improve transfer of knowledge between the academic and research community and society as a whole. As an open access platform we are committed to scholarly excellence by providing a forum that spans the entirety of scientific inquiry. Recognizing the paramount significance of quality, reputation, and reach, we understand that the success of scholarly work is not only measured by its intrinsic quality but also by the reputation of the platform presenting it and its potential to reach a global audience and hence we are commited to deliver the highest standard of services to our authors via our multi-domain reader outreach platform, speedy review process, and flexibility in presentation styles.


Publication ethics statement

To help ensure the integrity of the scholarly record and the publication process Science Academique adhere to COPE Guidelines.



SA’s multidisciplinary scope is to present all studies accross science, technology & medicine in one platform. Providing informative and verified date is preliminary hence we focus on through peer evaluation to ensure the data is verified and accurate.


Journal coverage

Science Academique covers the following domains

Life sciences: Genetics, Ecology, Microbiology, Physiology, plant sciences, Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Engineering & Technology: Materials science, Mechanical and Chemical engineering, Nanotechnology, Environmental and Biomedical engineering

Earth science: Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Hydrology

Medical science: General Medicine, Epidemiology, Pharmacology, Clinical Medicine, Nursing Sciences, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Health science: Public Health, Nutrition Science, Health Education and Promotion, Occupational Health and Safety, Health Policy and Management, Health Informatics, Exercise Science, Environmental Health

Physical sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Geophysics

Biology: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Developmental Biology

Social science: Sociology, Education, Demography, Psychology, Economics, Geography