The review of manuscripts by worldwide specialists is the way to choosing those articles that will have the best effect on mainstream researchers. This survey procedure likewise furnishes the creators with a target report on strong and weak points of their manuscripts once accepted for peer review.

All the review completed for Science academique depend on the institutionalized worldwide double blind peer review system that ensures author and reviewer anonymity.

Reviewers checking the scientific literature used to support the document and present a quantitative and qualitative report to the editors on the suitability of the work for publication.

They will use the evaluation sheet with the following aspects:

  1. Title, abstract and keywords
  2. Relevance of the subject
  3. Originality of the paper
  4. Literature review. Relevance of references. Currency of the literature review.
  5. Scientific writing
  6. Scientific and methodological rigor
  7. Data interpretation and analysis
  8. Originality Conclusions
  9. Overall assessment

To avoid delay in publication of important scientific work, we request that reviewers return their comments within the time showed in the greeting, but if you have any issues with your review, please contact the Editorial Office.