Submission process

Prior submitting any manuscript please ensure you are opting the SA’s guidelines. Authors must submit their manuscripts using Online Submission Portal and format must be in Word doc or authors can compress the main manuscript and other files (such as figures/tables/supplimentary data, cover letter) in ZIP/RAR file and then submit it. Kindly note you can choose one file at a time. For any queries when submitting manuscript please contact [email protected]


Science Academique does not accept already published studies or will not consider submissions that are elsewhere for publication.

Publication categories

Original research, Reviews, Case studies, Clinical trials, Hypothesis, Systematic reviews, Letters, commentaries, Opinion pieces, Brief reports, Image article, empirical studies

Publication Charge

SA only charges for the repository of a publication i.e., INR3500. For other countries USD70 (including all taxes).


Providing free access to academic publications and research data in electronic formats. Exploitation rights remains with authors and only grant a non-exclusive exploitation right to the publisher for the purposes of publication.

Manuscript Preparation

Original article: Should present the results of original research. Should describe Introduction, Methods, Results and discussion followed by Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References and Supporting Materials. Title page should be included with each authors complete affiliations, email address and Title along with a running head. References should not exceed 40 and try limiting self citations. cited references should be included as in brackets ex: (1) and should not be alphabetized. 


Review article: Review is the constructive analysis of already existing literature by which summary, analysis, comparisons are derived often providing recommendations for future research. The content of the paper needs to be academically analytical and inquisitive. references should not exclude more than 100, figures and tables must be properly labelled.


Case studies: Case studies presents the details of real patient cases from medical or clinical practice. should discuss signs, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment of the disease with figures . These reports should not exceed 4000 words and 35 references. 


Clinical Trials: Describes the methodology, implementation, and results of controlled studies. no restriction for length. All clinical trials must be registered in a public trials registry. Authors of articles reporting registered trials should include the trial registration number in the abstract and the methods sections of their manuscript. Must maintain high standards of ethics and reliability.

Ethics: Manuscripts involving animal subjects must include a statement that the study was conducted in full compliance with the local, national, or institutional ethics boards/bodies. we reserve the right to reject papers if the ethical aspects are in doubt according to the opinion of the Editorial Committee




Length: No restriction for number of pages and figures

Language: Manuscripts submission must be in English

Title and Author Information

Following should be included

  • Type of article
  • Title of the article
  • Name of the authors (full names) and their affiliations
  • Name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the corresponding author.

Abstract: Summary should range between 250-300 words.

Figures and tables

Figures and tables must be cited properly in body text and authors should present high resolution figures. Figures and tables may include in the main manuscript or can be prepared and submitted as separate file. Tables and figures require labels (Table-1/Figure-1).


Do not include legends as part of figure and tables but in separate.

Citation Style

  • Journal paper- Authors names, year in brackets, Article title. Journal name, Volume number, page numbers.
  • Books- Authors names, year in brackets, full title, edition, publishers, page number.

Conflicts of Interest

Authors must declare all relevant interests that could be perceived as conflicting. If no conflicts exist, the authors should state this.


All acknowledgments (if any) should be included at the very end of the manuscript before the references. Anyone who made a contribution to the research or manuscript, but who is not a listed author, should be acknowledged (with their permission).